Area: 288 sq.ft   |   Location: Shabbirabad, Karachi   |   Status: Unbuilt
​​​​​​​The brief was to design a bedroom for three girls of ages 10, 6 and 4.
The client wanted a separate space for the ten year old that would have a more teenage vibe, and a more child-like aesthetic for the space belonging to the younger two. 
We chose to do this by choosing blue as the main colour in our palette; which became a starry sky in the younger girls space, and an abstract textured feature for the older daughter.
The space was further separated through custom furniture design; where the study table formed a partition of sorts between the two spaces: on one side it was a study table for the younger girls; on the other it expanded into a vanity and study table for the older daughter. 
Another partition wall was added to separate the niche further, with a screen of sorts that incorporated globe lights of various lengths to echo the glow in the dark stars on the walls. 
The beds for the younger girls were incorporated into the custom designed wardrobes, with a niche added in the headboard to display toys. Lamps were also custom designed to fit in the fairy-tale aesthetic created by the starry sky walls.

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