Area: 1200 sq.ft   |   Location: PECHS, Karachi   |   Status: Under Construction
The brief was to design the interior of a top floor apartment on Shaheed-e-Millat road. The site is unique in that the apartment buildings' rooftops have been divided as such to allow all the top floor apartments their own private rooftop. 
The family consists of two grandparents, three sets of couples, and three young girls. The requirements were adequate and comfortable space for all of them, a second level on the rooftop for a drawing room, a terrace that could be used for events as well as family activities, and a well positioned TV that can be enjoyed from both the kitchen and lounge.
The existing layout consists of four large bedrooms with attached baths,, a hall, lounge, kitchen and drawing room. There is no access to the roof from inside the house, and no store room or powder room. The entrance opens right into the hall, as currently there is no defined public and private zone; with one bedroom opening almost directly into the hall.
Currently the roof is entirely empty save for a small 7’x7’ enclosure, which has also been left unutilized. The roof has a lot of potential to be developed into not only a lively space, but a sculptural one.
Playing with neutral palettes, warm earthy materials like wood and splashes of greenery, a welcoming, relaxing space is created perfect for rejuvenation after a long day in the outside world.
One enters the house into a large hall, and sees the green peeking in through the veranda; creating an immediate calming effect. The elevated bar stand attached to the kitchen front is the perfect space to snack while catching up with the evening news; the TV credenza extends out from the tucked in staircase, wrapping the TV wall.
Climbing up the stairs, one reaches a haven disconnected from the main living space, consisting of a drawing room, dining space and powder room. The space can be utilized for entertaining guests as well as a retreat on the days when one wants to separate themselves from the hustle bustle of Karachi life and enjoy a quiet cup of tea.

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